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THE UNEXPECTED GIFT- #SpringFlingKidLit Contest Entry

Since rejoining Twitter for the first time since college this past month, I was so excited to find an amazing writing community with so many fantastic contest possibilities! While I’m nervous (and extremely giddy) about this being my first contest entry, I am so excited to read the other amazing spring-themed stories!

Thanks so much Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal for this lovely Spring Fling Kid Lit Contest!

Here is my entry, The Unexpected Gift.


By: Sofia Pileggi

Word Count: 150

“What’s this?” I ask, looking down at the porch. 

A white flower, left on my doormat. 

Who would leave this? I wonder. My best friend Annie moved in March. I don’t have other friends.

The next day, I’m eating breakfast when all of a sudden-




I rush to open the door as a shadow runs down the road. 

A white flower, left on my doormat. 

This time, I see a note attached to the stem. “Hi”, it says.

Next time, I’ll be ready to catch the Flower Giver! I think to myself. 

On Sunday morning, I crouch below the window by our front door. 

I hear the clock,




Someone comes down the road, flower in hand.

It’s Ben, from school! I wait until he steps on the porch, and I fling open the door.

Shocked at first, he asks, “Want to be my friend?”


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